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The Transition


Overcoming doubt to find your inner courage should never be seen as an obstacle. Quell fear by breathing deep until you can feel your invigorating life force stimulating your desire to conquer your fluctuating emotions. If you feel overwhelmed take a step back to re assess what is ripping your self-esteem apart.

Could it be the habit of listening to the self defeating voice of failure you’ve allowed which is shrouding your faith in yourself? The shrilling sounds you’ve condoned decipher into an interpretation of:

  • I am not yet able to quit because I cannot confront the pain in my heart, so I need to numb myself.
  • It is impossible to live without drugs because they take the edge off and put me in an invincible mood.
  • I am reminded of the numerous failing attempts, therefore I believe I cannot quit.
  • I am a statistic because I cannot achieve greatness if I’m not high.
  •  Most or all of my idols / mentors use drugs.
  • There is no hope because I know so many addicts who tried to quit, but they were prone to error and were unsuccessful in their attempts to quit, therefore I stand no chance against dependency.
  • I have been an addict for years, what is the point of trying to face life sober now?

Find a new frequency!
You can only help an addict if you’re a recovered addict

Note from the authoress of www.drugrecovery.co.za
If you loose your footing, grab hold of my belief in you. I lost my brother to drugs, please live in his place, use your gift of life to honor his memory. I am with you in spirit, I am sending you strength. Please find your worth. You are precious.

Find a new frequency! Listen to music, which soothes your soul. Regain self-respect while you remember to breathe. Light a candle and your favorite incense and reconnect to your essence. Once you you’ve calmed yourself to your core, try listening to music which stirs your passion enough to dance out your frustration and haunting beliefs. Your uniqueness is enigma … live it!

Destroy the negative soundtrack in your head! Cull it, for it siphons your true purpose on this earth. The light within your soul is more powerful than the despair you allow yourself to sink into. That light is your weapon to protect your decision to quit. You are already so much higher as an entity as a human being than your highest high from a chemical because drugs don’t empower you: they destroy the possibility of a purposeful life.

Redesign your pattern.
Never lose faith in yourself.
Never stop hoping.
Never forget to believe in your ability.
Never see anything as half empty … rather see potential and fullness in everything you see in front of you.
Never linger in the past. Leave behind all heavy baggage of memories that hinder you.
Never surrender to anguish, despondency or depression: these are the flipside to self-assurance, hope and happiness. Turn over a new leaf to the story of you. 
Never cease to project yourself towards your destiny, even if you have relapsed in the past, you are still free to recollect your promise to abstain from drugs, one attempt at a time until you’re strong enough to nourish yourself with recovery.

Life is written in chalk and pencil, you can erase past failures to recreate your future. Tune into your spiritual voice for answers when you need mercy and forgiveness. If you’ve been hurt by people, release your reaction because whatever someone did to you in the past has no power over the present. Only you can give their foolishness power! So rather give that power back to yourself, then you will know your strength. Release fantasies of revenge before they destroy your own magnificence. Breathe in your pain, feel it, then breathe it out into the air so that it can disintegrate. Pick yourself up and start over. Rewrite what you wish to become your reality. We are born free and we die free. Release the shackles, which are binding you, live in freedom from dependency on anyone or anything. Live your authentic path, subsequent to the truth within you.     



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