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Therapy Schedule ''The King's Way Program"



NB: Spiritual practices are respected and promoted at Alnozha, therefore please give regard to prayer times of fellow patients and staff.

This is a 7-10 day window of recovery, however certain patients require a more extensive period of a month or longer because their circumstances are unique. Healing is tailor made to the individual; their rehabilitation is of paramount importance at Alnozha.

Definition of the Kings Way to recovery:
By the King’s Way Alnozha refers to the ultimate method of rehabilitation, which is based on the 7 habits to recovery.

  • Take the initiative of being responsible for your actions
  • Absorb and listen to the hope in your subconscious and of those who love you
  • Separate the most important urgencies from the less important mundane irritations.
  • Surrender to faith that you have spiritual and human guardians: why else would you still be alive? This miracle is what has led you to Alnozha; don’t waste this chance at rebirth. Start over, wipe your slate clean and live in pride, remember that you have a precious purpose to fulfill.
  • Observe yourself gently and honestly. An ancient legend said that we are born alone and we die alone. Think about that as you develop your own conclusion. Where do you come from, where do you retire to? It is you who is accountable for how you put your talent into practice, or how you squander it. Your loved ones are merely here to witness your success or weep at your failures. NB. I’m not speaking of social graces here!
  • Exercise your true nature against temptation and desire to escape, rather embrace the gifts your creator gave you! You know what they are …what are you truly good at, what comes naturally to you?
  • When you feel the threat and temptation to relapse: Question who or what is luring you into its magnet of distraction from your authentic self? Meditate on the true nature of your addictive escapism before you succumb to its enticement. Could it be that the addiction has possessed your life force with its destructive sure-fire menacing demands? Retrieve your soul and your strength, connect with your creator and ask for help … believe me; you will be bestowed with all the guidance you need to overcome this disease of addiction, because it does not do you or your true purpose justice.

Take the initiative


Get real and get sober, the time has come for you to awaken from a drug induced anguish because in actuality, you are superior to all you choose to endure. Change your viewpoint on what is pressurizing you and start getting to grips with what you can attend to. Restructure your obligations. Stop blaming outside factors; you are too intelligent for that! Climb out of the circle of effect from exterior circumstances. You control the direction of your future, you create your own values and only you can rise above negative feelings. Nothing prevents you from being successful! Do not blame past conditions for your present behavior. Solve today’s hindrances to stand up against stigmatization and stereotypical predictions about where you will end up: Show the pessimists how very pathetic their presumptions were by becoming determined to triumph over your past. Identify the stimulus of a positive resilience that nothing can influence you to surrender your verve. Apply the spirit of initiation in order to take action bravely without excuses, even if you are surrounded by other people’s weaknesses, do not become encumbered by their inertia. Each person’s pain an inner confliction is their own constraint, entwining yourself in their self-destruction helps neither you nor them. They have their own lessons to graduate from, as you do. By knowing your own strength you can orchestrate your own way out of stagnation and hopelessness.

How to empower yourself


  • Allow yourself to renew your perception and look beyond the superficialities of what and who influences you. You are no longer a scapegoat!
  • Surround yourself with people who do not see you as a victim, their belief in your recovery will be a formidable ally, draw power from them when you need additional courage.
  • Re-asses what you were exposed to in the past and identify your role, learn the lessons then release any guilt and regret. Start over with clarity and objectivity.
  • Attend to your own essential needs, before those of others. You must heal yourself before you can rescue anyone else! Relax, breathe and be still, find your own wisdom. However, remember not to sever connection with those with whom you have a healthy reciprocal relationship!
  • Remove yourself from people and situations, which drain your power and confuse you. If you have any paraphernalia or objects, which remind you of destructive patterns or trigger anxiety: throw them away! Mental residues of unpleasant memories get stuck in your thinking and slow your progress.
  • Simplify your obligations and downsize your work-load
  • Avoid over stimulating events and large gatherings of loud and raucous crowds.
  • Create a peaceful sanctuary for yourself so you can clarify what is enjoyable to you. Meditate on what it is that your soul yearns for.
  • Fuse your mind with your body by taking a stroll in nature while you remember your purpose and intention
  • Listen to good advice while taking time to reach decisions and not rush into compulsion to fit in.
  • Keep your promises and always speak the truth so that your mind practices stability and serenity.
  • Find a motto or slogan which is personal to you that you can repeat to yourself when you need encouragement e.g. ‘’ I am devoted to transforming my life aid and building my confidence because I am worth excellence’’  

Treatment Approaches to Specific Addictions


All detoxification programs are interlinked with psychiatric rehabilitation to treat the route of addiction.

Alcohol: During detoxification the patient receives “vitamin cocktails’’ anti-depressants and benzodiazipine to assist the nervous system through withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, agitations and insomnia. Soon after a long acting antibuse implant ensures sobriety.

Cocaine and Crack
Patients undergo dedicated assistance to relieve the severe withdrawal manifestations of depression and to avoid the crash phenomena, which always surfaces after cocaine discontinuation. They then receive a recently manufactured implant.

Heroin has warranted its stature as destruction personified! Withdrawal from its grasp is agonizing, but there is a guarantee of full recovery with Alnozha’s healing power! To comfort and ease an addict, they are sedated for the first 3-5 days so they do not feel any withdrawal symptoms of insomnia, sweating, shivering, twitches, pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and itchiness etc. Because the patient will be asleep while their body adjusts: they will be spared the intolerable side effects of their system rebuking the residue of heroin, which ravished their entire existence and controlled every waking moment.
When the patient awakens they will be competent and dignified to receive a life saving implant of long acting NTX proven to be vital in curbing addiction to Heroin.


Although there is no implant to stop an addict from using marijuana, Alnozha assists patients with medication to prevent withdrawal, anxiety symptoms of insomnia, headaches, irritability and depression. Read marijuana/hashish for definite reasons to quit!


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