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Please Open the Gate and make a decision


Cultivating a positive attitude when making the decision to quit requires strong will and great effort. Drug dependence responds well to the strategy of blocking opiate receptors, this prevents relapse and physical cravings to give an addict not merely a fighting chance, but a realistic recovery.

Each individual is responsible for his or her own life! Nobody can convince another to change. It is your own personal choice to review how we indulge ourselves to relax, remembering that exercising our free will is a double-edged sword, which we can wield to satisfy addiction, or we can use our inner strength powerfully to create a successful lifestyle. That is when freedom becomes a new dimension. Our behavior expresses our decision and results in our circumstances. Instead of surrendering feelings, we have the ability to commit to taking control of our future. Do not blame conditions as an excuse, embrace the spirit of initiation inside you in order to take action bravely and face problems objectively. What hurts us is not what happens to us, rather it is the way we respond to the event. Part of life is feeling hurt physically, emotionally or financially: however that does not mean that our character or identity must suffer the consequences. Be influential, not influenced by the acceptance that as long as there are problems you need dope to cope.

Altering the perception, which convinces an addict that if they quit for a while the urge to use drugs will return, therefore they see no point to quitting. An outlook of this nature is a version of victim hood and a warped assessment of oneself. Marching to the tune of a habit keeps one going in circles, like a cat biting its own tail and pretending to be on the hunt. Falling prey to self doubt keeps the addict vulnerable to circumstances, peer pressure and the wealthy drug lords who would take without conscience an addict’s last money and add it to their empire and lust for more power. You have the ability to sense what your soul yearns for and to recognize the higher truth within you. You are more precious than anything a drug lord could acquire in fortune. You can use your degree from the ‘’ University of Adversity ‘’ to guide others and yourself along their road to recovery.


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