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Social Effects due to Drug Addiction


The humiliation and anxiety of purchasing drugs is ever present. Implications of arrest for drug possession and the risk of personal danger and the endangerment of other peoples’ lives while under the influence of narcotics and alcohol creates an adrenalin rush in the initial occasions of use, but as the dependence and damage to brain cells takes hold: morality diminishes. The value of being high outweighs health, sanity and responsibilities. Even ‘functioning addicts’ end up compromised, a shadow of their true potential had they refrained from being influenced to experiment with mind-altering substances. With each ‘’trip’’ an addict returns to raw emotions of guilt and shame, which inspires the need to escape into a cycle of oblivion or invisibility. What began as recreation becomes depletion in its most deplorable form!

Drugs cause so much suffering and loss. I AM A KAT and other poems written by real life addicts can be read here. This poem in particular encompasses the true effect drugs represent: a destructive abyss of temptation and regret.

Crime is out of control in South Africa, headlines shock us to the core and that’s just the few incidents that make it in into the press. The actual statistics terrorize communities and traumatize us as a country. The scourge of drug abuse in South Africa is directly connected to the plague of crime. Drugs compound a desensitized ability to commit an infliction on another human being while being devoid of the impact which reverberates into a ripple effect, an imprisonment of anguish for the victims, a vicious spiral of craving for the next high to obliterate remorse, and eventually an anesthetic to emotion for the perpetrator / drug addict. This deplorable reality is what we try to live through, because we feel that there is no hope.

 Mending the past and healing the future can be achieved by helping our drug addicts to regain sobriety, self-respect and conscious dignity. We as family members, friends, teachers, officials and civil servants have an obligation to take responsibility for the root of the problem: the dehumanizing symptoms of a society who has condoned drug abuse as we have accepted it as a monster too terrifying to confront. Lets get addicts into a rehabilitation program, one that is 100 % effective enough to lead to a full recovery. Drug Recovery South Africa in association with Alnozha Hospital in Egypt introduces the most effective strategy. Healing begins here and the result is positive change and an exodus of addicts finding a resolution to an already uncontrollable pandemic. It is about saving lives! This is the only approach we should embark upon. Drug recovery is the antidote!       


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