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Predatory Drugs


What are Predatory Drugs?
Rohypnol, Ketamine, and GHB and its analogues GBL, and BD 1,4 have gained notoriety as drugs used to facilitate sexual assault, adding an urgency to law enforcement efforts to pursue traffickers of these drugs.
The Dangers of Predatory Drugs

  • These drugs render the victim incapable of resisting sexual advances.
  • Sexual Assaults facilitated by these drugs can be difficult to prosecute or even recognize because:
  • Victims may not be aware that they ingested a drug at all. The drugs are invisible and odorless when dissolved in water. They are somewhat salty tasting, but are indiscernible when dissolved in beverages such as sodas, juice, liquor, or beer.
  • Due to memory problems induced by these drugs, the victim may not be aware of the attack until 8-12 hours after it occurred.
  • The drugs are metabolized quickly, so there may be little physical evidence to support the claim that the drugs were used to facilitate an assault.
  • Memory impairment caused by the drugs also eliminates evidence about the attack.

Learn more about what you can do to protect yourself and those you care about from predatory drugs at www.rainn.org or www.911rape.org


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