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Welcome to the leading sanctuary for recovery

Alnozha Hospital is recognized as one of the premier psychiatric and addiction treatment centers in Egypt. Patients worldwide have benefited from Alnozha’s renowned methods and innovative approach. Alnozha was founded on the mission of providing the best possible individualized rehabilitation while respecting the dignity of patients as its guiding principle. This ideology has earned Alnozha the esteemed reputation for their technique in guiding patients to be active participants in their recovery process, inspiring them to resume a higher quality of life once they had healed. The tranquil surroundings within Alnozha is designed to foster and nurture the patient through their recuperation.


Treatments and Services


Alnozha Hospital delivers a comprehensive range of diagnostic , medical , therapeutic and rehabilitation treatments for individuals of all ages. Alnozha treats a spectrum of disorders including.

  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, severe depression , anxiety , post
  • traumatic stress disorders , personality dysfunction and eating disorders.

Administrating this care is achieved by an in patient hospitalization and outpatient treatments including offering treatment across the globe subject to bookings. Every patient’s situation is different, so the individual’s pre exquisites and resources determine each treatment program. Alnozha will find the ultimate regime for your personal medical, psychological and social circumstances. Key to the success of the program is our ability to be flexible in accommodating the specific needs of each patient.


Specialized Detoxification from Chemical Dependency


Dependency on substances demands professional assistance. Chemical addiction is a treatable medical illness from which patients can recover. The fundamental step is to initiate an acute medical detoxification where the patient is closely monitored 24 hours a day by knowledgeable, experiences nurses and doctors who give compassion and administer state of the art medicine and treatment protocol over a 7-10 day detox period which has proved to be more effective than conventional approaches. Our protocol is appropriate and effective as an antidote for all addictive drugs, including poly – substance abuse. Certified staff helps patients through those first few difficult days and teach them coping therapies to compliment the attainment and retainment of sobriety. Once the patient’s condition is within acceptable guidelines they attend educational and comprehensive aftercare sessions, incorporating an implant, which is the size of a small pellet, inserted under the skin. Read more about our implant treatment here >>>

Psychiatric Treatments


Alnozha treats a variety of mental health symptoms with dynamic cognitive behavioral modification therapies within a safe environment. Psychiatrists, social workers, nurses and recreation specialists liaise directly with each patient on a daily basis. A primary counselor coordinates each patient care plus supervision. Consultations for special medical conditions are also available for patients who need particular evaluation or attention. Alnozha incorporates patients and their family members in a structured program to rapidly restore each patient to their highest possible level of functionality and improve their quality of life. Interaction during group therapy may include issues such as anger management and social skills. The emphasis is extensive aftercare to retrieve and redirect the source of mental disturbance so that the body and soul can reconnect. There are multiple options, each with the patient’s best interests as the determining factor to reverse stress with the aim to restore emotional balance and stability.


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